Capital SERVED

  • A.
  • START-UP & TRANSITIONOur solutions include corporate registration and IRS and Municipal compliance, local employment procedures and practices, and tax considerations that you should be aware of from the outset. We establish accounting, reporting and systems automation and integration with current corporate systems, and assist with fixed-asset purchases, staffing, etc.
    We have the street-smarts tax, accounting and administrative, and understanding of foreign client' needs in Chile to ensure that the start-up or transition process is smooth and transparent.
    We work with the design and implementation of banking powers, payment terms and other treasury-related functions to guarantee transparency and control with minimal bureaucratic delay.

  • B.
  • ACCOUNTING, TAX COMPLIANCE & REPORTING We have a team of seasoned accountants and tax professionals that ensure compliance with local regulations and deliver timely and customized management reports.
    Bookkeeping, tax filing, and statutory and management reporting is the backbone to any outsourced back-office service, and we ensure that all these requirements are satisfied professionally.
    Each report could have multiple currencies with a frecuency weekly, monthly, or quarterly; according to US GAAP, Chilean GAAP, IFRS, or other accounting standard; in Spanish and/or English. We have the in-house capability to convert to any customized format required. We work with Oracle, SAP  and other ERP systems as needed

  • C.
  • PAYROLLWe have the payroll service must be timely, accurate, flexible, and discreet, focused on these aspects. It is very important to us that our clients understand the details of Chile's payroll system, the withholding amounts, the hiring and firing process and other labor-law issues that can have a critical impact on a company's smooth operation.
    We are expert in payrolls, special assignations, personal income tax, and a range of other issues that have an important  impact on expat salary calculations.

  • D.
  • INTERNAL CONTROLOur experience managing the back office of foreign companies, we've formed a few ideas of our own regarding how things should be done with the best practices.
    For those companies requiring support  with improving their back-office organization, evaluating their existing risks, controls and processes, and support with other aspects of their general administration, AA&PP has the tool to monitor the Risks, Controls and Processes  to implement effective and concrete improvements on the processes.

  • E.
  • SARBANES OXLEY ASSISTANCE SERVICEWe advise on the process of compliance with the Sarbanes Oxley Act, by:

    - Providing consulting in the framework of internal controls
    - Documentation of internal controls over financial reporting
    - Assessment of business risks
    - Tests of controls over financial reporting (design and operating effectiveness).

  • F.
  • DESIGN CRIME PREVENTION MODEL (MPD) 20.393 LAWDesign Crime Prevention Model (MPD)
    The company, its board, managers and senior executives may keep clear of the penalty imposed by this 20.393 law discharging their managerial and supervisory duties. This involves the implementation of a crime prevention model with the following elements:

    a) Individual Responsible for Prevention.
    b) Resources and duties of the above individual.
    c) A crime prevention system with internal obligations, prohibitions and penalties.
    d) Supervision and certification of the crime prevention system.
    Although the implementation of a crime prevention model is not mandatory, its inexistence may expose the company to severe contingencies upon the commission of one of the above crimes, because the company may not be able to demonstrate compliance with its management and supervision functions.
    All things considered, the new law demands that organizations define their exposure to the same with a review of its operations, processes, business areas, and the regulatory framework that they work in and the parties that they interact with, in order to determine the risk of not adopting the measures, procedures and manuals needed to create a Crime Prevention Model to establish the company's exemption from liability and the severe penalties set forth by the same, and to meet their board members' and managers' good management obligations.

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